poniedziałek, 15 czerwca 2009

Madonna with Child...

MADONNA WITH CHILD - RETRO CHARM (3,5 CM X 6 CM):I'm sure you love this Madonna with Child... So blissful, delightful, gentle, and beautiful... Looking at Her face I can alsmost hear the angels singing... And you?
To order this or another Retro Charm(s) - please mail me.

6 komentarzy:

idémakeriet pisze...

The madonna is beautiful like al your other charms.
I wear them with love.
Have a nice day.
Hugs to you.

sinnlighet pisze...

Hallo Alicja,
You must have a look at my blogg, becuase I have borrow a lot of pictures from you. Let me know if it's ok!

Best regards from Agneta in Sweden

José pisze...

Such lovely charms! This Madonna is so beautiful! What does it cost?

Joan@anythinggoeshere pisze...

Pretty little girls/women. All of them. Just lovely.

ZuccheroFilato pisze...

Ciao Alicija,
Yr charms are really nice!
Compliments also for yr blog.
I have a game/premium for you on my
blog, if you are interessted.

gosiulaart pisze...

Twoje prace są tak nieziemsko piękne,że nie można oderwać oczu,zachwycam się za każdym razem!!!