piątek, 8 maja 2009

One Love, one Butterfly, two Retro Charms...

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
I've wanted to create something special for souls in love... Two Retro Charms that make up the romantic whole... At the backside instead of words 'love' and 'amour' I can put your name and a name of your beloved person:)
If you are interested -simply mail me.

Give Away Winners:)

Dear, dear friends from around the world - April was very happy to me - your lovely responses gave me the wings day by day - to create, to feel so much highlighted. And I simply feel like a winner too:)))
I'm answering to your mails and I'm visiting your blogs as often as I can - but yes - I'm very busy lately, so it's go slowly... The most often question in your letters is if you can order any Retro Charm - yes - you can buy every design shown on Retro Charm Garden -here every pendant has its name to make it easy.
And now the most important: I mean: the winners:) I just want to add that it was very very difficult to choose the most interesting or poetic comment - there was so many touching words, so many warm thoughts - so I've chosen ten and asked my daughter to draw from them.
So the winners are Aina and d.blue. I'm happy to may share my Retro Charms with you!
I want to thank to all nice participants for a wonderful time.
I hope to see you at next give away:))))
And I wish you a very sunny weekend!