piątek, 30 lipca 2010

Entrusted materials... customized Retro Charms...

(Above: Retro Charm with photo of sweet baby of my customer)
Today I just want to show you something "different" - another aspect of my work, because I also create customized charms from entrusted materials. My dear customers send me photos of their beloved children, parents, friends, places, everything what is precious for them and I make so special charms... It's so sweet they share with me a piece of their life, their love and I can accomplice in the creation of such a personal treasures...
(Above: Retro Charms with vintage photos of beautiful city Gdańsk made especially for a boutique at the Polish coast)
You can always contact me if you want me to create personalized charms with your own photos or any other private materials. They are always great gifts and keepsakes - I know because I create such a charms for my family too:))))
Summer hugs!