czwartek, 12 marca 2009


Ballerina - Retro Charm (4cm x 6 cm):
Do you like ballet? I think it is similiar to love in some way: hard daily work connected with magic :) Apparent opposites, which build the physical and metaphysical harmony. Essence of beauty... I do like very much this one century (!) old photo of ballerina. True beauty never grows old! - isn't it a very good news?
I would like to show you more my latest works - but I'm very, very busy lately, so I even don't have enough time to sleep (not to mention taking picturies:)))
See you soon:)

1 komentarz:

Dorthe pisze...

Dear Alicja , how beautifull your ballerina charm is, -
love ballerinas like you, and love your work.

Love from Dorthe