niedziela, 17 maja 2009


Today I would like to share with you a great news. I always do my best to offer you something special, something unique. And since now each Retro Charm will have a special signature - my own little certificate! It wasn't easy to achive. But I'm extremly happy that I made it although I had to overcome many technical obstacles and problems. It was my dream in which I've firmly believed. Now it became a reality!

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idémakeriet pisze...

Your charms are really beautiful.
I want to check with you if you got my email for two weeks ago.
I got a not delivery message on my computer so I'm not shre if you got it. Please let me now and I will sent you a new.
Hugs Gerda
From Sweden

idémakeriet pisze...

Hi again,

Now I have sent you a new mail but I still get this message that there is a problem with your adress.
Hopefully you have got it, please let me know again if you got my mail otherwise I have to write to you by blog.
Hugs from Sweden.

maren pisze...

that´s a very good idea!
really beautiful :)

jade pisze...

Oh, what a wonderful idea!!! Do you know, when my charme will be ready.......last week i got a message from you (thank you)?!

Have a wonderful week, Hugs Jade

Lavande pisze...

...jak zawsze, każdy detal pociągnięty nutą piękna i przeplatany skromnością...CUDO

Schönsinn pisze...

Hello My Dear,
Thats a wonderful idea to make your work more special. I saw lot of copies from the lovely retro charms and your sign make it very special!
warmest greetings,

Me pisze...

just found your blog and your art looks great..I will add you to my favorites
gr. Anna

Anonimowy pisze...

I would like to order but your email address does not work.

Liberty pisze...

Your certificate insignia is perfect for your charms! How ingenious! I would love to order one.


Building home pisze...

Your charms are really unique and the you do have the prettiest charm.. i am talking about your daughter.. maja :-)

boracay island philippines pisze...

Your artworks are all unique..

House movers Melbourne pisze...

Finally your own signature..


manila condos pisze...


Congratulations to you..