piątek, 17 kwietnia 2009


The birds sing all around. Now in my (Retro Charm) Garden too:))) I hope you find time to enjoy a beauty of springtime.
If you want to sing these birds for you:) - just mail me.

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Something White pisze...

What a fantastic picture is this! Not only the retro-charm is beautiful (they always are!), but also your photo! Yes, I definitely will be in the running for the give-away, even if I received already some of these gorgeous artworks... :D
Hugs, Marjolijn

(I´ll borrow this picture for my blog if it´s ok).

B E L D E C O R pisze...

Dear Alicja,

i arrived from Marijolijn and i must say I'm glad to find your blog.

The charms with the combination of vintage accessories are amazing. Yes, I also will be in the running for the give-away.
Have a great creative weekend!

Les Cotrions pisze...

Ohh so beautifulm charm and lovely photo! Crown is one of my favourite theme too! Nice to be in the running for the give-away!
Wish you a sunny week end!
Warm greetings

silvermoon pisze...

oh, I would like to win these birds... Do you sell your pendances in a online shop? Beautiful!!
Greetings from switzerland

Sandra... pisze...

This creation is really wonderful!
I ♥ all the vintage and all your works had a retro-style.
I want to be in the running for the give-away :)
Tomorrow I will make a post in my blog about this, ok??
Thank you very much, have a nice weekend!!!

I. pisze...

I would like to be in the running for the give-away! Your charms are so lovely!
Have a nice weekend!
Greetings, Isabel

Bleudelavande pisze...

What a fantastic surprise discover your blog from Marjolijn!It's simply WONDERFUL!!!I'll add it on my favourites. I also will be in the running for the give-away!
Have a nice weekend
Hugs from Italy

oksana pisze...

Your blog is something umbeliveble beautiful. I think you have the perfect taste:)
I am going to link your give-away in my blog and hoping to be the lucky one with your charm

white-vintage pisze...


i saw you on something white and was speakless...WOW !!! what for wonderful, lovely pieces...

i love everything ;o)

I am glad, i found you...so sweet ;O)
Heartly Hugs Tine

belle-blanc pisze...

Hello Alicja,
as the most of your new visitors I also arrived from Marjolijns blog here... Your Charms are - well, charming :0) your projects are filled with lots of feelings and love and your pictures show this very expressively. My favorites are the Crown and the Paris Charm... I love the french style very much and both the crown and the Paris Charm are very francophile... Oh I see, I will have to contact you via e-mail :0) greetings, Mira!

Freekje pisze...

Hi Alicia, I saw on 'Something White' your beautiful charm, and wanted to have a look.
Wauw, what a lovely blog and what lovely charms your creating.
I'm going to Follow you're blog, cause I don't want to mis anything of your creativity!
And I also want to be in the running for your give-away ;)

Greetings from Holland, Freekje

ps I hope my English is correct :)

Carol R pisze...

Hello I am a new visitor to your blog! Your retro-charms are exquisite and I would love to be entered into your draw for the give-away. I will be posting about this wonderful give-away on my blog shortly together with a link.
Best wishes from the UK

Akila pisze...

What a lovely charm it is!!! Yes, please do include me in the giveaway too. I came to know of this today through Carol.

laglycine pisze...

Ce qu vous faites est très joli !
A bientôt.

LAMINDY pisze...

Hi! I am a new visitor...and I´m enchantment!

Bonnie pisze...

Hello I come here for the first time and I love your art very much.
But I have question, I hope you will help me......
I myself make labels from my own pictures and I like your frames very much you put around your art.
Do you make them yourselves or can you order them somewhere?
I hope this question is not to prive for you and that you will help me.
Many thanks and a nice evening.

Margaret pisze...

Amazing photo of an exquisite retro-charm. I love it and will borrow this picture for my blog with a link so others can visit. pPlease put me down for the give away

maren pisze...

I´ve seen your Blogs for the first time and i need to say...i love it!
Your work and your pictures are great...
so let me please take part of your give-away.
Lots of greetings from marenshus
(by the way, my grandma came from Poland :)...)

Nina pisze...
Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.
Nina pisze...

Dear Alicja,

I'm sorry I deleted my first comment because of yome mistakes - I try to do my best now :)

I'm a hungarian girl who live in the capitol of Hungary - th beautiful Budapest! I'm a cross stitcher and love cross stitching in my freetime.

I found your blog from Carol's blog, and I can't stop seeing your beautiful photos! Thanks for showing!

Unfortunatelly in my place there aren't any shops where hungarian ladies can buy some of your nice charms. Can we order by internet? I'd like to be the lucky one who can win :)

Please visit my blog, I put the picture on the left side coloumn and linked back here.

Thanks for your lovely giveaway!

Kind regards from Hungary,

Kaylovesvintage pisze...

guess I will be back here...love your work

Fliegenpilz-Gift(s) pisze...

All these beautys on your blog! So fantastic and cute!
I'm really in love with your blog!

Could you please tell me how much I must pay for one, two or three of them... oh my good... I think I'll need all of them... ;o)

Kind regards

Lenie pisze...

How do I get in the running for the give away ?

Susana de Argentina pisze...

Sandra talked to us of your blog and your beautiful works. I have liked so much, and soon I will be visiting to you!
a hug! Muuuack!

Lydia pisze...

Wow! Your work is so beautiful. The quality of your soldering is fabulous, and your collages chosen are so elegant and timeless.

I would love to win a charm from your giveaway! Love your pictures- just beautiful !

PS- Notice under my blog heading quote:) Lydia

Brujis pisze...

Many congratulations on your creations are really wonderful, I love pasticipar will do a lot in your post in my blog, greetings from chile

Xioely pisze...

Hi!!! your creations are really beautiful and delicate... I want to participate in the give away!!! I hope full have lucky... greetings from venezuela...
my mail is xmmch@hotmail.com

Patricia pisze...

dear Alicja: your vintage style is fantastic ! I want to be running for the give away . I will make a post in my blog about this. Thanks...Hugs from Argentina...

Laura pisze...

Me too! Marjolijn sent me over....am I am sooooo glad that she did! You have a beautiful blog and I just love your artwork....I should love to win one of your lovely charms....and birds and nests and eggs are a favorite theme of mine too....Be well,

le ciel flamand pisze...

Marjolijn gave me one of your beautiful artworks, you can see it in my last post on my blog.
I teach Polish children from the neighbourhood of Chestochowa, I try to learn them to speak and write dutch. We always have a lot of fun when I try to speak some words in Polish! I just love your fantastic language, and the music from Krzystof Kieslowski :o)
Hugs, Annelies

melleanterieur pisze...

Dear Alicja~
Your creations are so beautiful!
All the best

Eva pisze...

Tus creaciones son muy bonitas.

Maricel pisze...

Hi, what a beatiful creations!!!
I want to be in the running for the give-away
I'll post it in my blog immediately
best wishes from Chile
(sorry for my english)

lynda pisze...

Your retro charms are just beautiful! I would love to be included in your give-away drawing please. Thanks so much.


Manualnie.pl pisze...

Dear Alicja,
Your Retro Charm are so pretty! I'm fascinated them, really. You are able to capture the moments:) I would like to be in the running for your awesome artwork/give away :)
Best regards,